Imelda Kehoe


Born – Leeds, United Kingdom. Lives Wexford, Ireland (Nationality – Irish).

Imelda Kehoe is an Irish Contemporary Folk Singer Songwriter. She has created her own style, which is influenced by Folk, Blues but it's difficult to pin a specific genre to it. 

Her songs are Melody rich, full of stories, life experiences written with the listener at heart.

From a big Irish/English family, Imelda was born in Leeds but spent most of her childhood moving around and living in beautiful locations in England and Wales while her parents renovated old properties to the soundtrack of her Father’s record collection, which included Nat King Cole, Buddy Holly, Simon and Garfunkel, Mamas and Papas and the Beach Boys. She describes these early influences as shaping her love of good melody. 

Her 2nd Album will be released in 2021.  



A Rare Songstress in today’s music with her extraordinary talent. The freshness and versatility she brings to her music is amazing.”

— Danielle Holian [Pure M]

You don’t need bells and whistles with a voice so honest and songs so beautifully classic in their arrangement. This album really did stop me in my tracks, and I am thankful for it.” - Bobby Green [musician.ie]

— musician.ie

Imelda Kehoe is that rare thing: a singer of remarkable subtlety and emotional resonance who also writes songs that act as touchstones everyone can grasp. Her voice is of the folk tradition but it also brings a freshness and vitality that is both exciting, compelling and all her own. Imelda's songs are distinctive, delicate powerhouses: leaping genres effortlessly, they often embrace unusual time signatures and challenging melodic structures, while managing to appear deceptively simple. She is something very special” - Shane Dunphy, Writer, Musician, Journalist